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How is analytics important in sports. We get tons of data for any international match, league matches which can be useful for analysing performance for any player for example cricket be it batting and bowling analysis. This data can be used for auction analysis or for scouting analysis.

What we will be doing is filtering out relevant data and further this can be used for analysis, learning models and building dashboards. Stakeholders can be IPL Managers, Team Selectors and companies which needs insights on player performance or auctions. Analytics provides interesting insights into the game and predictive intelligence regarding game outcomes.


We help companies making applications on cricket analytics based on requirements.


We are a team of cricket fanatics working towards how the sports is organized, played, analyzed and experienced. With domain expertise and competence in consulting, technology and analytics across disciplines, we have mastered the art of binding the different technologies in the world of sports, which has created epic results for our clients worldwide.

As we all have seen Moneyball, how with the help of data it had changed the dynamics of the game.

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