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Insights API


 Customer Insights

Looking to analyse people's behaviour in a particular area? Looking for leads for a particular product on Twitter?
Discover customer details and integrate geospatial data to compete and identify new market for growth


Location Insights

Integrate location insights with your existing application to enhance your use cases like building detection, environment friendly place and sustainability of land


Hazard Risks Insights

Integration of geo-spatial risk model with the insurance business model. Find location conditions and do decision making for your insurance industry related to forest fire, earthquake, wind, soil and floods


 Detection Insights

Develop solution for drowsiness detection to prevent accidents and triggers an alert

Real-Time Drowsiness Detection Using Edge Device

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Finance Insights

Integrate prediction insights of stocks with your existing application.

Quantity is driven by the demand and the existing supply for it.

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Sports Insights

Explore Match Insights before and after match to take informative decisions  

We analysis past records and how player played using video processing

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