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Career Opportunities in Geoinformatics in India

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Nowadays Government wants to make cities smart in the path of Modi. But do you know how much Geo-spatial technology will contribute to making your smart city? Every area ranging from urban administration and unmanned aerial vehicle technology to missile, e-governance and even advertising and marketing today depend on Geo-spatial data. Most of the countries in the world have started specializing in Geographical Information System (GIS) after understanding its future impact. It is a key emerging and evolving industry in the 21st century that offers an excellent career avenue with immense potential and many as-yet undiscovered opportunities like in spatial data visualization, spatial Intelligence, augmented reality in Geo-space and conservation of the earth data.


Accelerated growth and development prospects in India encouraged several industries and businesses to use Geo knowledge in India in the form of location data, GIS, remote sensing or GPS in different sectors like crime mapping, agriculture, irrigation, forestry, transportation, infrastructure, tourist industry, market analysis, real estate and e-commerce and so on.

The increased use of this technology in different industries has improved the scope of job opportunities in this sector, but most companies only concentrate on GIS part and leaving other core knowledge of Geo-spatial which can also be used. On the personal note as I want to explore different branches of this so want to choose my career with the company which explore many of them.

Different government organization which gives work in this sector in India are

  1. Indian Space Research Organization

  2. Survey of India

  3. Ministry of Defense

  4. Ministry of Environment

  5. National Informatics Centre

  6. Indian Agricultural Research Institute

  7. Meteorological Department

  8. Natural Resource Management

  9. Space Application Centers and Aviation

  10. Urban Development Authorities and Municipalities

Different Private companies which give work in it are –

Big giants

  1. Google Map

  2. Here

  3. TomTom

Indian Private companies –

  1. Transerve Technologies [Associated with them]

  2. Others here –

With the advent of new and advanced technology, the importance of Geo-spatial science is going to amplify with requirement of specialization in it specially in India.

Lastly to see its magic in great manner, check out on my website –

If you have any queries let me know 🙂

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